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This web site was created by me, Dick Richards, a private citizen of Goshen, KY, and is a product of the process I went through after seeing the discrimination my daughters experienced at their high school (North Oldham High School).   As I tried to get that discrimination corrected I ran into a long list of obstacles from the school, the district, the KHSAA, and even the Office of Civil Rights (OCR) of the federal department of education.   


For me, it all comes down to equal treatment.   Girls should receive the same benefits that the boys receive, period.   Anything less than equality is discrimination.  Not to get too philosophical here, but this thing has its roots all the way back in Jefferson’s eternal beacon that “all men are created equal.”  Our government must treat every single citizen equally before the law.  For our government to treat one group more favorably than another group is unconscionable.  And you might not think of it this way, but your public school system is government.





1. alike in quantity, degree, value, etc.



Here are some other points.


If you would like some guidance from someone who has been through this, I am willing.  Contact me through info@titleixkentucky.org